Vegetable Slicers: Know More About The Same Here

With a plethora of different vegetable slicers choppers, cutters, and knives in the market, you can cut prep time into half and make meal preparation easier than it’s ever been. Zeroing in on the type of vegetable cutter you need, requires some careful consideration of your budget and eating habits. Preparing healthy meals invariably means spending much time cutting vegetables.

Not only does this take up much time, but it can often turn meal preparation into a chore rather than a fun and exciting way to get your creative juices flowing. With a surge of different vegetable cutters and dicers in the market, you can easily halve the amount of time it takes you to get a meal ready, leaving you with more time to do what you love. I have been using Morphy Richards Vivo vegetable cutter for a few years. I believe it’s one of the best slicers because of its class and features.  

Vegetable Slicers: Know More About The Same Here
Vegetable Slicers: Know More About The Same Here

Vegetable Slicers

This vegetable cutter by Morphy Richards has the following features which make it the best in India.

·The slicer prevents watery eyes while chopping onions, with its detachable blade.

·Now, you can also make fine breadcrumbs, grind nuts, and herbs and pulverize cheese cubes or even mincemeat using the same blade.

·The Slicer comes with a sharp stainless steel chopping blade for easy cutting of hard vegetables

·Detachable whisk for tasks that do not whisk like beating eggs, churning curd, etc.

·It shuts automatically on completion of the task

·It comes with an anti-slipping base

This chopper is fantastic. A real time saver

Got mine on sale for 330/- I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Used it for chopping everything right from onions (mainly) to tomatoes, carrots, fresh coconut, green chilies, ginger, garlic, coriander, spinach. And it does the job pretty well. Apart from saving time.

Vegetable Slicers: Know More About The Same Here
Vegetable Slicers: Know More About The Same Here

More On It


 It’s handy and manual so no hassle of plugging in easy to wash as well, just three parts to clean.

 Again as it’s manually operated, you can decide how well chopped or chunky you want your veggies. 2-3 stretchy pulls should do the job

For more exceptional chops like green chilies or ginger garlic, increase the no. Of pulls to 6-7


Due to the smaller size, the veggies need to be pre-cut as the container can be filled only 3/4 (which is excellent can’t complain much here but sharing just for added info)

 At times I do find few big veggie chunks which I put with 2nd batch or chop them with knife

Not a con, but just letting you know. You have to be extremely careful with the blade while washing as it’s quite sharp and cut you thru even if it’s just a light brush to the skin

Definitely In Love With The Chopper

Don’t underestimate the size. I don’t have a mixer yet, but this has saved my life, Thus, when it comes to making essential Indian gravy dishes. This is great if you stay in a PG or you are a bachelor and cook your food.

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