Swanson Low Calories Meal Ideas You May Want To Consume From Now On

swanson low calories meal

Are you trying to add a little extra flavor to your cooking or manage your calorie consumption but do not know where to start? Swanson low-calorie meal enhancers specialize in premium stocks and broths that can also be consumed independently. We can easily cook flavorful food at home without feeling the need to worry about one’s calorie intake. Since their products are made from only natural ingredients with no artificial flavoring, it serves as the perfect alternative to savory or sugary snacks that most people continuously crave, which is unhealthy and adds to one’s overall calorie intake without providing much nutrition. However, all of the non-GMO ingredients Swanson uses are fresh and cooked to perfection. A few of their renowned products are as follows.

Swanson Low Calories Meal – Swanson Sipping Chicken Bone Broth Cup

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With a calorie amount per serving being only 45 and 1% of total fat, it’s a healthy microwavable snack packaged in a cup from which we can directly consume the broth just about anywhere, anytime. It is especially suitable for trying to switch out unhealthy nibbles for a nutritious and low-fat alternative as it is made from fresh chicken bones, vegetables, herbs, and spices. The Swanson Chicken Bone Broth also contains collagen, which is known to reduce joint pains, improve gut health, and revitalize one’s hair as well, making it stronger and healthier.

Vegetable Stock

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For vegetarians and vegans alike, this is the best choice. It contains no forms of meat and is packed with ingredients like farm-grown vegetables, including carrots, onions, celery, etc. sugar, potato flour, and many more. With a calorie intake of only 15%, this flavorful liquid would make a great addition to meals like risotto or noodles and soups and sauces. Since stock is often used as a base while cooking, its sodium levels are also low, thereby lowering blood pressure and reducing kidney damage risks.

Swanson Low Calories Meal – Unsalted Chicken Broth

Since the Swanson Unsalted Chicken Broth contains zero amounts of salt and 35mg sodium- a comparatively lesser amount than most broths containing, we can graciously add other ingredients to the broth without worrying about any additional sodium if preferred. Its calorie amount per serving is only 10, therefore complementing any diet as well. Ingredients like dehydrated chicken, natural flavoring, onion extract, and chicken fat constitute this broth. It goes great with dishes like roasted turkey and Hainanese Chicken Rice, to name a few.


Broths and stocks are great additions to various recipes, and Swanson’s ready to drink broths are perfect for those who do not have the time to prepare a home-cooked meal. It even helps curb the habit of binge-eating as it is filling on its own. Deciding on which product to purchase depends solely on an individual’s needs as it may vary from person to person. While some may want to shed a few pounds instantly, others would prefer adding further seasoning to their rich dishes for better taste. Whatever may the reason be, Swanson has got it all.

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