Some Leftover Salmon Recipe You Should Try Out

Leftover Salmon Recipe

Salmon is known to be extremely nutritious, containing omega-3 fats, vitamins, as well as various minerals. Salmon is also ideal for people trying to integrate seafood into their diet.

Sometimes, you have salmon leftover from the previous meals. You then start wondering what to do with this leftover. Instead of discarding, you can use your leftover salmon in several nutritious recipes. We therefore discuss some leftover salmon recipe you should try out. These recipes will definitely leave you pleased.

Salmon Asparagus Pasta

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Your leftover salmon can be used to make salmon asparagus pasta, be it cooled, baked, fried, or poached salmon. This pasta makes for a nutritious meal.

To make this meal, you’ll need:


Asparagus (chopped)


Lemon zest

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Chopped fresh dill fronds

Flaked, cooked salmon

Olive oil

Ground pepper


Cook your pasta in a boiled salted water until done right. Drain the pasta with a colander, then reserve the cooking water in the pot. Reheat this water, adding chopped asparagus with olive oil and salt, then cook for almost 2 mins until bright green. Transfer the cooked asparagus to the colander with the pasta.

Use a skillet to boil the cream, simmer and cook until the cream coats spoon back. To the cream, add the lemon zest, parmesan cheese, fresh dill, and cooked salmon. Stir until the cheese melts. You can then season using pepper and salt.

Add the pasta and asparagus in the colander to the cream mixture in the skillet. You may add more salt and pepper to taste, and also more parmesan cheese and dill. Serve while warm.

Salmon Quiche

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Quiche is not only cheese and bacon, it’s much more than that. The egg-custard base may be filled with many kinds of fillings, salmon inclusive. Your leftover baked salmon is an ideal filling for the egg-custard base of Quiche.

To make this meal, you’ll need:


Leftover baked salmon

Lemon juice


Onion (minced)

Fresh parsley (chopped)

Large eggs (beaten)


Seasoned salt

Ground nutmeg

Black pepper

Gruyere or parmesan (grated)

Spread your pastry in a pie tin. Bake the pastry for some minutes in an oven. Reduce the temperature to 175°C after removing the crust. Reduce your leftover baked salmon to tiny pieces. Melt your butter over heat. Cook your onion until translucent, adding a pinch of salt. Then add the onion to the salmon, sprinkle the mixture with parsley.

Whisk egg, milk, nutmeg, salt and pepper together in a bowl, then add the resulting mixture to the salmon-onion mixture. You can then bake the quiche for almost 50 minutes in a 180°C oven, until golden brown. Allow the quiche to set for a while after removing from the oven before serving. Serve warm with a side dish of salad or vegetables.


Your leftover salmon is useful in various other meals. Instead of discarding your leftover salmon, you can try them in these amazing recipes. Hence, we discuss some leftover salmon recipe you should try out.

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