School Lunch Recipe For Each Weekday

School Lunch Recipe

It is such a tough task to manage everything in the morning. Getting the kids up and ready on time for school, making meals is a lot of work to do. Taking care of every requirement and wish of your kid is a difficult task. However, we know that you manage it really well. To make your mornings a bit easy, we have found an easy way. All you need to do is decide the school lunch recipe in advance. Yes, it is that simple. By doing this simple task, you can save yourself from a lot of discomforts. Therefore, we have prepared a layout of school lunch recipe for each weekday. Check them out.

Why Do You Need To Decide School Lunch Recipe In Advance?

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It is very important to prepare yourself for what you are going to cook in the school lunch recipe the next day. This way, you can get all the ingredients ready before-hand also, if there is something that you can do a night before to save your time the next morning. Then why not? Prepare a plan for school lunch recipe for each day of the week in advance. Let us help you out in chalking out the plan.

School Lunch Recipe For Each Day Of The Week

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By making a plan for the whole week, you can save yourself from a lot of inconveniences. Therefore it is suggested to plan a school lunch recipe in advance for each day of the week. 

Monday- You can choose to make something as simple as Bread jam in the tiffin. It is because it is most likely that your kids would have had a heavy meal on Sunday. So it’s good to give them a light meal the next day.

Tuesday- Go for something Chinese. You can either get the frozen spring rolls and fry them in the morning. Or you can choose to cook noodles, that again is your choice whether you want to make quick noodles or the other way round. 

Wednesday- For Wednesday, you can choose to give something sweet in the tiffin. You can cook a marble cake, or tea cake the day before, and give it in the lunch the next day.

Thursday- Go for some sandwich or burger. There are a whole lot of varieties of sandwiches to choose from. You can pick anything that your kids like and prepare a healthy sandwich as their school lunch recipe. 

Friday- You can be experimental on Fridays if you feel so. Try a unique school lunch recipe. You can find hundreds of simple and easy school lunch recipe on the internet. You can try any of them. 

This whole weekday plan can be customized as per your choices. 


Planning the school lunch recipe in advance is a good strategy to combat the early morning stress. Also, it is a lot more convenient and easy. Sit down with your kids and take their help on Sundays to chalk out a plan for the whole week. This way, they can even learn the importance of managing things strategically. Look at the internet and try a new school lunch recipe every once in a week. 

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