Salmon Tacos Recipe – A Delight For Your Mouth

salmon tacos recipe

There are a lot of varieties in salmon tacos recipes and one can get into the fix when it comes to choosing a particular one. Since we could have only chosen one recipe, we decided to choose the one with a different taste. The salmon tacos recipe we’re going to make today is gonna have a little surprise in it. Instead of making simple salmon tacos, we’re going to make salmon tacos with slaw. Salmon tacos are easy to make even if you haven’t made them before or haven’t cooked a fish before. Just stay along and follow the instructions.

Ingredients You Need

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It’s better to have a list of things you’re going to need in your hands so you could arrange everything before you start making your salmon tacos with slaw. We’re gonna need the below-mentioned things to make salmon tacos with slaw.

Salmon – First and most obvious thing that we need.

Chili Powder – We’re gonna need it to add some spice to our dish.

Lime Juice – It hits differently.

Lime Zest – Adds the finishing touch.

Avocado – it gives a buttery feel.

Broccoli Slaw – For a change of taste.

Hot Sauce – makes the tacos spicy.

Tortillas – Your tasty salmon and Slaw will be right at the top of it.

Greek Yogurt -Just another creamy element.

Cooking Oil – To get that golden look. 

Salt- Gonna be the main taste element of the dish.

Directions To Cook

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We are going to start by mixing the oil, yogurt, and Avocado. Once all these 3 elements are gonna get mixed together, we’re gonna have a greenish-looking mixture. Now it’s time to add salt, lime juice, zest, and sauce to the mixture we made earlier. After that, add the slaw on top of it and keep this mixture in the refrigerator for one hour. 

Until the mixture is freezing, brush the salmon with oil, mix the salmon spices together and sprinkle them over the oiled salmon. Now add salmon to the mixture that we started with and bake the salmon for 12 to 15 minutes at 400-450 degree temperature. Once it’s baked, squeeze the lime juice over the salmon. Finally, add salmon along with cheese on top of tortillas, you can also add slaw if you wish.

Bottom Line

We’ve already seen that anyone can make a salmon taco recipe, it’s not that difficult. There are a lot of varieties of salmon tacos. You can also make it your own way by using different ingredients like the one mentioned above. A single salmon taco is more than enough to satisfy your hunger and taste needs.

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