One Of The Best From Diabetic Brownies Recipes Is Here Just For You

diabetic brownies recipes

Talking about brownies always makes your mouth water. However, keeping the health concern intact, here is one of the best from

Ingredients To Make These Chocolate Diabetic Brownies Recipes

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Take one cup of all-purpose flour.

Then one teaspoon of baking powder.

After that, you will need three-fourth cups of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Next, you need one and a half cups of Splenda.

Then take around 17 tablespoons of melted butter.

Take 2-3 eggs.

Then take 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

And lastly, you need one cup of sugar-free chocolate chips.

Directions To Follow The Recipes

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Begin with preheating your oven at around 325 degrees. On the other hand, prepare a square pan that must be non sticky. You can use parchment paper for the best result.

Then take a bowl, a medium-size will do, and put the baking powder and all-purpose flour and whisk the items. Then slowly put the unsweetened cocoa powder and continue mixing the portions.

After that take a big-sized bowl and put the sugar substitutes along with the melted butter and continue mixing until it is giving even texture.

Now, in the next step, put all the dry ingredients from the first pot to the next pot. Make sure that you don’t go for all at once. Take half portion first then mix the same with all the other ingredients in the bowl. Mix it gently. Have the eggs added now and continue mixing while adding the vanilla to the preparation.

You can use a rubber spatula for mixing the chocolate chips. After that take the batter and evenly spread it over your pan. You need to continue baking for the next 20-25 minutes. Follow down the toothpick method to check whether it is completely baked or not.

Have the brownies cool down before you cut them into squares.

More On The Recipe That You Need To Ensure

Well, when you are using the sugar substitute make sure to go for the 1:1 ratio, which means you need to go for a sugar alternative to sugar at a 1:1 ratio. Additionally, you need to maintain the balance of the ingredients from dry to wet. Also, read thoroughly the packaging of sugar alternatives to ensure that you are doing it right.


Not to mention, that these options of brownies come with the similar taste like that of the regular brownies although this variety lacks sugar content. When you are taking down the unsweetened cocoa powder, see that it does not contain any added sugar in the blend. Make sure that your unsweetened cocoa powder should maintain cocoa mix and nothing else.

So, this is everything that you need concerning this diabetic delicacy. Since it tastes just like all the other regular brownies then you can prepare the same at any upcoming parties, since it is a brilliant choice of healthy dessert.

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