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In today’s life, constant monitoring of health has become of prime importance. Problems like Bp, cholesterol and uric acids are common in every household. But on the other hand, health check-up and testing facilities are becoming expensive day by day. Even with the sophisticated technology emerging, regular lab testing is not something that comes under the affordable range. Eleven if you can bear the cost it becomes hectic to regularly go to the clinic just for a few tests? 

It is more challenging for elderly weak people. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to be always like this with innovations. If anyone in your household suffers from Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid we have something special for you. The 3-in-1 Meter with Test Strips helps to quickly show the results on its big screen. Isn’t it time, money and energy-saving? It makes the health checkup routine so easier. So to know more about the product read the whole article.

3-In-1 Meter For Glucose Cholesterol Uric Acid With Test Strips

It is an easy way to monitor your body fluid. The large high-quality display screen allows you to view details clearly and easily. With this 3-in-1 Meter For Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid With Test Strips you don’t need to perform any advance test The only thing you need to do is use test strips to collect blood and insert them into the instrument and get quick results. The number of blood sampling needles and the number of test papers are corresponding. It is pretty easy to operate. 

This test can be a thoughtful gift to remind you in your 40s or to your ageing parents. It comes with A: (25) uric acid strips, (25) lancet needles, B: (1) meter, (25) blood glucose strips, (25) uric acid strips, (10) cholesterol strips, (60) lancet needles, C: (25) blood glucose strips, (25) lancet needle And D: (10) cholesterol strips, (10) lancet needles

Have a hassle-free and instant result with this amazing 3-in-1 Meter For Glucose, Cholesterol, Uric Acid With Test Strips.


  • Brand Name: Cofoe
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Model number: RF-XT-01
  • Size: 3 in 1
  • Memory value: 200groups/50groups/50groups
  • Detection time: 6s/150s/6s
  • Battery: 2 1.5V AAA


  • It features a large visible screen
  • It gives instant results with speed of blood glucose 6 s, cholesterol in 150 s
  • And uric acid in 6 s.
  • The manufacturing material is environment grade PVC


  • The meter is fragile so needs a careful observation
  • It is quite expensive for some people.


Quickly test the Glucose, Cholesterol, and Uric Acid levels with this innovative 3 in one meter. So now you don’t have to worry about maintaining your body fluid even when you are on vacation, or remote location or stay in for quarantine. A meter is an ideal option for elderly and busy individuals.

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