Lowest Calorie KFC Meal – A List of Healthy KFC Foods

Lowest Calorie Kfc Meal

Do you want to eat the lowest calorie KFC meal? Is your stomach hungry to eat one of the healthiest lowest calorie KFC meal items? As we all know, some casual fast-food chain restaurants or fast food spots are not places where you can find healthy meals.

However, you have the option to make the smartest choices. You must be wondering that is it possible to eat healthy fast food at KFC, but yes, it’s possible! So, find this guide on the lowest calorie KFC meal that will make your taste buds go wow and force you to finger-lick this food. So, health-conscious people have a look here.

List of Lowest Calorie KFC Meal Items:

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1. Kentucky Grilled Chicken: Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

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Kentucky grilled chicken is a spicy crispy dish that comprises extra crispiness. Moreover, the grilled chicken breast has fewer calories of about 180 calories, i.e., less than the original recipe of 390 calories.

The dish also contains 6 gm of fat, which is less than the main recipe of 23 gm.

2. Honey BBQ Sandwich: Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

A honey barbeque sandwich is a delicious sandwich pouring in honey BBQ sauce. The sandwich comprises 370 calories. Find this honey sauce on a sweet Hawaiian bun and save 130 calories that is normal than the original Colonel Sandwich of 500 calories.

Moreover, the sandwich comprises a fat of 3.5 grams, as the original one contains a whopping amount of 23 grams. Also, the original one contains another 200 mg of sodium.

3. Green Beans: Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

With zero fat and merely 25 calories, green beans are undoubtedly the best lowest calorie KFC meal. However, the corn residing on the cob has 70 calories plus the protein of 2 grams. So, don’t look at 300 calories per serving of potato wedges, cheese, macaroni, and biscuits.

4. House Side Salad: Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

The house side salad in 15 calories is another excellent option considering the lowest calorie KFC meal. However, these 15 calories are with no croutons and before dressing.

Moreover, the side Caesar salad is 40 calories before adding croutons and having dressing. In all, the best option is to go with a full-size salad that envelops crispy and delicious chicken Caesar salad comprising 350 calories. It’s a salad that has such calories before croutons and dressings.

The wise choice for dressing the salad is Marzetti Light Italian, which only enhances the calorie meter and adds ten extra calories to this meal.

5. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

At KFC, you find just two dessert type (cake and cookies). However, these two options are choke-full of fat, sugar, and calories. Further, oatmeal raisin cookie comprises 150 calories and 6 gm fat, 90 mg sodium, 2 gm protein, 13 gm sugar, and 22 gm carbohydrate.

6. Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate Beverage

KFC offers you unique fountain sodas along with iced tea and lemonade. Thus, Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate is a zero-calorie drink that even comprises zero fat, sugar, protein, carbohydrate, and 45 mg of sodium.

Conclusion on Lowest Calorie KFC Meal

In all, we hope you would try these lowest calorie KFC meal options.

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