Low Calories Meal Replacement Shakes Are A Good Switch To Stay On Your Track

low calories meal replacement shakes

It is a tough task to even distinguish between calories and low calories, therefore losing weight and maintaining a good body shape always remains a bit more difficult than any other thing in today’s world. Meals are good but nowadays people are switching low calorie meals with shakes which often comes in handy and are supposed to give better results. Any kind of protein sips from local shops and gyms although provides more protein but also contains extra added sugar than a dozen of sweets or donuts. Obviously, anything similar to this would not be of any help to your body, rather it will destroy all your hard work by adding fat and weight to your body.

Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes

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They help you to avoid unhealthy meals, and since they are easy to drink, they are significantly a healthier replacement or alternative to fast foods. They are designed to provide the nutrients of a complete meal that might remain incomplete in a traditional diet. When you are cutting back on calories, they are the ones which fill up the nutrient gap. They also help in losing weight as they cut down the day-to-day calorie intake. Some shakes are also rich in proteins, considering these in your daily life helps to reduce your midnight cravings for meals, and other benefits too like increased lean body mass, less belly fat and good weight maintenance. So choosing a shake which is high in protein and contains low sugar is always a good option for a healthy diet and this in turn leads to a healthy lifestyle.

List Of Low Calories Meal Replacement Shakes

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  1. Apres Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes: It can be paired with whole-wheat pita chips as it has 14g protein, 180 calories and 8g fat.
  2. Soylent Meal Replacement Shakes: It is very much nutritious as it contains 20g protein, a heavy dose of Vitamin D, also rich with energy, as it contains 400 calories and 21g fat.
  3. Owyn Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes: A cream drink containing 20g protein, 300 calories and 10g fat can itself be a complete meal.
  4. MET-Rx Original Whey Protein Meal Replacement Shakes: It has 250 calories, 3g fat and 36g protein, this delicious shake can be paired with apple slices or banana too.
  5. Muscle Milk Meal Replacement Shakes: It goes well with banana and peanut butter pair. Contains 34g protein, 15g fat and 320 calories. It is rich with useful energy.
  6. Pure Protein Meal Replacement Shakes: 1g fat, 150 calories and 35g of proteins. One glass of it is enough keeps hunger at bay until lunch. You might also have a toast.
  7. Iconic Grass-Fed Protein Drink: It contains 130 calories, 2g fat and 20g protein. Have it with almonds to boost up your calorie intake for workout.
  8. Labrada Whey Protein Meal Replacement Shakes: It contains 40g of protein, 9g fat and 280 calories. A bit high in terms of calories but goes well with almond or peanut butter toast.
  9. Vega Protein Nutrition Shake: Contain 170 calories, 5g fat and 20g protein. You can pair it up with boiled egg and some multi-grain bread.
  10. Orgain Organic Meal Replacement Shakes: Contains 16g of protein, 7g fat and 250 calories. Supplementing this with plain yogurt will do the needful.
  11. SlimFast Advanced Energy Meal Replacement Shakes: Contains 180 calories, 9g of fat, and 20g of protein. Have it with sliced banana or strawberry to make a complete meal.
  12. Premier Protein Shake: Contains 30g protein, 3g fat and 160 calories. You can add up a banana with it to make a heavy meal.
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