How to Make a Salmon Cakes Recipe

salmon cakes recipe

A salmon cake recipe is easy to make if you have fresh salmon and good quality ingredients. If you don’t have either of these, then start looking for a good recipe. Tender flakes of salmon are usually seasoned with onion, garlic, lemon juice, and tomatoes. These flavors are enough to overpower the salmon but still give it such incredible depth and flavor. Fresh salmon made it even tastier by adding parsley, lemon juice, and lemon slices to make the dish even better.

First Thing’s First

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To make salmon cakes, you need to either make them from fresh salmon or buy them already prepared. There are many recipes for salmon cakes in cookbooks and on the internet. Many of these recipes are salmon cakes that are canned in water or syrup. You can usually find canned salmon in the refrigerators of most supermarkets, and it is pretty delicious. The canned salmon will retain more vitamins and minerals compared to fresh salmon.

Easy To Make

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Salmon patties are also very delicious and are very easy to make. All you need for this recipe is about a cup of flour, eggs, and bread crumbs. Then you mix the egg and flour until they become a smooth paste and then break it into the food processor. Next, you need to heat some oil in your frying pan and then fry the flour and bread crumbs until they are translucent. Once the bread crumbs are ready, you can now begin working on your salmon cakes.

Cook In The Oil

First of all, cook your salmon patties in the oil for two minutes. Remove the pieces and then transfer them to a plate. Then add your lemon slices to your mixture. Now you can begin assembling your salmon cakes by slicing the cooled mixture into the shapes of fish. Brush them with any margarine or butter to make them look shiny. To preserve the freshness of your salmon patties, you should always store them in the refrigerator. You can also wrap them in plastic bags. Cover them tightly with aluminum foil and then place them in the fridge. It would be best to avoid storing them above room temperature. When you store patties in the refrigerator, it helps to keep the fish moist.

Dry Them Thoroughly

Another way to preserve your salmon cakes is to dry them thoroughly before baking. There are many different methods to dry them, but the simplest way is to place them on a baking sheet in the oven. Allow them to air dry naturally for at least three days before using. If you decide to bake your salmon patties, be sure to check them frequently after they are removed from the oven to ensure that they are cooked to perfection. Salmon patties that are appropriately dried will have an unbelievable taste.

The Price Concern

When you buy canned salmon, you pay the same price as if you were buying fresh salmon. However, most people do not think that canned salmon is any better than new when cooking. This is because people assume that any time salmon is canned, it is destroyed. Well, this need not be the case. The canned salmon patties are preserved by placing them in a refrigerator for about five to ten days. Just check them periodically to ensure that they are still fresh. The aroma is also enhanced as a result of this. Cans of fish are excellent for parties and fishing trips. There are several ways that you can use them, so feel free to experiment.

Gather Some Essential Supplies

To make a salmon cake recipe, you will need to gather some essential supplies. Typically, the basic ingredients for any salmon cake recipe will include eggs, water, butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, sugar, and salmon eggs. Depending on how you like your food, you can also use powdered milk or soy milk instead of water. Be sure that the ingredients are combined thoroughly before putting them in the refrigerator.

Carefully Wash The Patties

Next, you should carefully wash the patties and drain them to remove all traces of liquid and meat from them. Then you will need to fry the eggs and mayonnaise. Once this is done, you should fold the mayonnaise into the butter. Then it would help if you mixed the mayonnaise into the water. All these ingredients will be well combined using a rubber knife to create a uniform shape of the salmon cake.


It is time to assemble the salmon cake. Start by placing the salmon cake batter on a non-stick griddle. Use a spatula to turn the salmon patties over so that they may be browned on just one side. If you wish, you can also cook the cakes on the other side of the pan until they are completely done. Once the salmon patties are done, you should serve them with your favorite dipping sauce. Alternatively, you may serve them with a simple salad.

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