Healthy Breakfast – 5 Rich and Healthy Breakfast Rules

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast will help us to face the day with energy and will help us maintain a balanced weight since it is the fundamental food of the day.

Breakfast is the most essential diet of the day. Not only because it is the first thing your body receives after a night of rest, but because it can help you face the day in a more vital and positive way. Therefore, we bring you a series of simple guidelines with which, in addition to learning to feed yourself better, you will contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life. How about we put them into practice?

Healthy Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes, for reasons of work or habits acquired over time, we usually get up quickly and leave the house having breakfast poorly. Either we do it standing up, or it consists of a simple coffee. Even, sometimes, not even that. However, although we believe that the body has enough with that small intake, nothing is further from reality.

Soon, we may feel powerless or with slight discomfort in the form of dizziness or muscle weakness. These are errors that can cost us a long-term bill. Therefore, it is essential to stop for a moment to make a healthy and complete breakfast that provides us with energy throughout the day.

Healthy Breakfast: 5 Basic Rules

Breakfast is an important source of a high percentage of the essential vitamins and minerals we need during the day. Here we are sharing 5 basic rules for healthy breakfast.

1.    Breakfast with Alkaline Foods

It is preferable to start the day with alkaline foods, that is, whose PH is less than 7. Ideally, start the day with a lemon or orange juice, or even with a white tea and an apple. Both combined, have effects similar to those of a coffee. You must add natural fruit juices in your diet.

2.    Whole Grains

Healthy Breakfast
Whole Grains

When it comes to taking carbohydrates, you must know the most favorable for health and the line. Therefore, whole grains are a good option: oats, barley, quinoa, wheat … Toast that contains this type of nutrients is an excellent source of energy. It tends to avoid refined and highly processed cereals.

3. Beware of Sweet and Salty Combinations

And because? You will ask yourself. Can not I combine a fruit plate with a sandwich? You can do it, but your stomach can suffer. The sugars in the fruit are easy to digest and are not in the stomach for long, but if we take heavy and salty things, the sugars in the fruit delay their digestion. And they can inflame you. Observe yourself and find the ideal combination.

4. Get the Right Proteins in your Breakfast

Many people usually eat fried eggs, bacon or sausages. They are still very heavy foods to eat in the morning. Remember that the body has been at rest all night and needs to wake up little by little. Therefore, a breakfast based on proteins and fats consumed on a regular basis can pass us a long-term bill. You can give a tribute from time to time, but it is advisable to replace them with a breakfast that includes less fat.

Healthy Breakfast
Right Proteins in your Breakfast

It includes, for example, sprouts of soy in a fruit salad, and even nuts. They are ideal for our brain to obtain optimal and adequate energy.

5. Sit Down for Breakfast

If you eat with haste your stomach may suffer. Take your time, get up a little earlier and do it quietly, chewing slowly so that the nutrients are absorbed properly. Try to relax with some music to leave the house with tranquility, well-nourished and with enough energy to face the day.

We already see that following these simple steps is very simple. Just start changing small habits and introduce healthier foods to the diet. You will see how you feel full of energy and willing to face the day with better humor!

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