Everyone Should Adopt These Best Big Meal Low Calories Eating Habits

big meal low calories

Most of us focus more on what we eat and ignore how we eat. This does more harm than benefit. Nutritious food gives more energy, nutrients, minerals when taken adequately and properly. Initially, you might find it difficult to make habits, but once you develop that you become comfortable with behavior change. Whether you aim to lose weight or gain it, these tips are useful for both circumstances.

Increase The Eating Frequency

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People are habitual of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But doctors suggest this is not a good way. When you eat after long hours, you tend to consume more. More eating leads to a lethargic body, and bad digestion. Instead, take your big meal low calories food dividing with more eating frequency. Wakeup at the early movement and ensure that you had a light breakfast within 2 hours of awakening. After that take some light food after 3 hours.

Take a long break and have lunch in the afternoon. In the evening, prefer some snakes or light meals and then have your dinner in the night. Do not delay your dinner beyond 08.00 PM. Dinner after that does not get good digestion inside the body and may upset your stomach.

Make A Habit Of Drinking More Water

Do not ignore the importance of water in your daily life. Our body is made up of approx 70 percent of water and it helps in creating temperate balance. Harmful substances get out of the water in the form of sweat. Nutritionists suggest a minimum of 4-liter water in a medium to low hard work-intensive person.

But while eating your big meal low calories food, do not take water half an hour before and after. This way, you get ample space for your digestive juice to work on eaten items.

Avoid Remaining On Empty Stomach For Long Hours

Your body metabolism gets slow when you have an empty stomach. Blood sugar levels also go up. Eat breakfast on time and do not delay breakfast. Take healthy snacks, when you are sure, your eating time is getting delayed. Rice cakes, nuts, chips, juices, dry fruits, roasted items, and some of the options to try.

Listen To Your Body In General And Stomach In Particular

The body is so well structured that it gives signals in case of any issue. Do not keep eating until your stomach is so full that you feel uncomfortable. Do not eat just because you are bored and have nothing to do. Nutritionists also suggest taking enough time while eating big meal low calories food. Chew slowly and focus on textures and texts. In case you feel uneasy about eating something avoid them completely.


Do not go on eating. Understand the value of eating properly then only big meal low calories food gives you required nutrients.

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