Essential Nutrients That Should Include In The Easy Lunch Recipe For Kids

easy lunch recipe for kids

Kids are the initial phase of an ultimately developed human being. Kids demand more nutritious food than an adult. And the kids also want energy. So carbohydrates are important for them, as carbohydrates provide energy to their bodies. Protein is the second essential nutrient for kids. Protein consists of a good source of amino acids. The amino acids help to develop the tissues and cells in a kid’s body. Good fat, which is called DHA, is also a must for a kid. DHA also is packed with Vitamin A, D, K, E. So they provide energy and growth. Vitamins and Iron are necessary to build the cells to protect from diseases. For kids, calcium is needed. And lastly, zinc is vital for their immune system. So in their lunch recipe, try to keep all these nutrients well in proportion.

Some Healthy And Easy Lunch Recipes For Kids

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There are some easy lunch recipes for kids which are tasty and healthy. The first recipe is cookie-style apple. Take an apple and cut it into round shapes. Make a star in the middle of the piece of the apple and pour jelly or peanut butter into it. Ready your kid’s special cookie-style apple. The second recipe is avocado chicken roll. Cut some avocado into some small pieces. Take these into a bowl, sprinkle lemon juice and mash it well. Then add boiled shredded chicken, chopped onion, bell paper, fresh cream, taste-wise salt, little black pepper, and mix it well. Then take a tortilla and add the mixture to it. Cut it into rolls and serve. The third is a South Indian dish Upma that is prepared with semolina. Fry the semolina and take it out into a bowl. Take a pinch of oil and add black seeds, curry leaves, chopped onion, and garlic. Then add the fried semolina and give taste-wise salt. Pour water and mix it well. A tasty and healthy tummy full dish is ready. The fourth dish is a sandwich. Kids love sandwiches. So take brown loaves of bread first. Then in a bowl, mix shredded boiled egg, chopped onion, cucumbers, bell peppers, and also can add a little mayonnaise. Put the mixture between two pieces of brown loaves of bread and make a healthy and easy sandwich for your kid.

Is Homemade Lunch Recipes Necessary For Kids?

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Kids are always attracted to junk foods, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, etc. These all have a lack of nutritional value. So that healthy homemade lunch is only suitable for the growth and development of a kid.


Kids are playful. They will irritate you obviously at the time of their feeding. So they try to make various tasty but healthy recipes for them on a daily basis which will grow their interest

in food.

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