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egg recipe for lunch

Breakfast for lunch is always a wonderful idea, isn’t it? I can just imagine the smile on my wife’s face as she sits in the kitchen preparing a delicious breakfast for her. It is certainly an easy pick me up for mum, especially when you are a very busy Mum who has the time for something more complex, yet still wants to have a satisfying meal. For me, I really enjoy getting out of the house in the mornings and making sure I am prepared for my day ahead. One particular recipe that we love to cook for our family is the scrambled egg recipe for lunch.

An Overview

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I started off with some leftover chorizo from last night’s dinner. I thought that this would be a good thing to start off with, rather than using store bought chorizo which I was unsure about. I used Mexican chili powder, black pepper and cumin to make my chorizo ready to go. I used my chopper to cut up the chorizo into chunks. I then ground up some chicken and sausage, along with garlic, onion and tomatoes. I placed all of these into my slow cooker, along with the egg.

Once I had ensured that the chorizo was nice and soft, I gently cracked the eggs onto it with a fork. After ensuring that the yolks were fully set, I added the red chili powder, black pepper and cumin to the egg. I turned it on medium high and let it all cook for about five minutes. When it was done, I used a spatula to take the cooked egg out of the cooker and into my bowl.

Egg Recipe For Lunch

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I mixed together some milk, some coriander leaves, a pinch of salt, and some corn meal to make my creamy egg salad. I then added a few cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, green chilies, some mascara, and some mint leaves. I let this sit for about ten minutes so that all of the flavors could meld together. When I served it, I found that there were a number of people who had taken a look at my “Eggs In A Bag” recipe and were impressed. They were even more impressed when I told them that I made the dish with eggs, chili powder, and corn meal!

One of my friends found out about this “Eggs in a Bag” recipe for lunch one day while we were both at work. I was not sure how to respond since he had never heard of it before. However, after a little bit of encouragement, I ventured out and did the experiment. What a difference a quick frying pan, some spices, and a little green chilies can make!

For the lunch dish, I cooked some red chili powder, ground beef, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and onions. I also mixed some black pepper and a little cumin powder for the taste. The next thing I did was add some eggs and masala to the mix. I used a wooden spoon to mix everything into a paste. I used half of the egg mixture for the egg whites and left the rest in a separate bowl for later use.

After I finished cooking the red chili powder and beef, I turned to eggs. I blended four egg yolks into one bowl. Then I added a little water to make it a little soupy. Then I added a little red chili powder, a little salt, and a little sugar to taste.

In The End

With the onions, mushrooms, beef, and tomatoes, I served the spicy Indian style lunch menu that I had designed for myself and my coworkers. All of us were impressed with the meal. I think the problem with that recipe for Lunch was that there were so many items that ended up in our food bags that we had a hard time actually following the recipe! If you are looking for egg recipes to keep you in control of what goes into your lunch, you will want to check out the Indian restaurant recipes section on this website. You will be able to find many hot spicy and delicious recipes that are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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