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Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas

Do you want easy healthy dinner ideas? When preparing dinner we usually resort to less complicated dishes that allow us to enjoy a delicious meal, without having to spend all night in the kitchen. However, repeating the same sandwich night after night can be boring and unappetizing. Luckily, it is not necessary to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes, with these ideas of easy recipes for dinner you can eat deliciously and effortlessly.

Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas
Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas

With good recipes, creativity, and ingenuity, you can create delicious dishes without having to be a super expert chef.

If you do not have much talent for cooking but want to delight your palate and your guests, do not miss this incredible list of easy recipes for dinner! you will be able to prepare gourmet dishes worthy of a restaurant without having to do a chef course or stay hours and hours in the kitchen.

4 light and healthy dinners: you will not go hungry and sleep better. Discover the best ideas to quickly prepare a healthy and light dinner.


Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas
Stuffed Avocado

Empty half avocado, chop the pulp and mix it with other ingredients that you like  (for example tomato, fresh coriander, spring onion, tender garlic, sweet corn, grated carrots). Use the avocado peel to serve, which serves as a bowl. 


Make a batch of small potatoes steamed and let them cool. Use 2 or 3 and keep the rest in the fridge for other dishes. You just have to cut them and mix them with grated carrot, onion, red pepper in strips, olives and a couple of chopped tomatoes. Align it with olive oil and lemon or vinegar. If you add a little vegetable mayonnaise and crush it with your fork, you get a very good and fresh sandwich filling.


Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas
Combined Dishes

Making a combined plate is another very good option if you want to dine lightly. If I have enough leftovers for the fridge, I often choose to add a few to the plate. For example, a dish with a little quinoa, a little spinach salad, some carrots, and mashed potato and sweet potato. You only need a few spoonfuls of each thing, heat it up and we have a super varied dinner, colorful and full of flavors.


Use what you have and in season: apple, pear, melon, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, banana … Cut everything into pieces and smooth it with natural soy yogurt without sugar, a pinch of lemon juice and, if you want, a few leaves of peppermint. You can put atop of coconut cream mounted with a touch of cinnamon.

The only trick for fruit salads is to choose very tasty and ripe fruits and leave them in the fridge before making the salad so they are fresh.

Share easy healthy dinner ideas with your mom, aunt or best friend, sure you can make someone happy with these unique ideas. Do not forget to leave us your comments and rate the idea that you most like.

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