Easy Dinner Ideas for Dining at Home with Children

Easy Dinner Ideas

Although the daily routine is difficult to take some time out to have fun with the children doing practical things with them, such as dinner. For this, we propose 4 easy dinner ideas in which your children can help you in the work of pinches. They are very easy to make in which children can feel protagonists of dinner. Pick up paper and pencil and write down these 4 easy recipes for dining:   

Easy Dinner Ideas
Easy Dinner Ideas

1-    Scrambled Eggs with Salmon: Quick and Easy

Eat healthily and also cook quickly and easily is a matter of putting some effort. Even if time does not overtake you, a scramble comes under the category of recipes that take less than 10 minutes to make.

To make this dinner idea we only need eggs, salmon and a little oil. Put a little oil in a pan, chop the salmon, sauté it and add the egg. Change everything with a wooden spoon and that’s it! If you want, you can add a little pepper to give a special touch to dinner.

2- Salad of Tomato, Corn, Nuts, and Cheese: A salad with Flavor

How long do you think you can take to make a salad? We give you a clue, less than you expect. Salads are one of the quickest and easiest to prepare dinners.

Easy Dinner Ideas
Healthy Salad

We have chosen a tomato salad with corn. We have also added cheese and nuts.

To prepare this salad recipe we started washing the tomatoes and chopping them. Then, we take corn and pour it next to the tomatoes. We cut a piece of cheese and put it in the mixture and, finally, add the nuts. Align it to your liking and you already have another quick and easy dinner for the week.

3- Vegetables with Potato with Roasted Potato: Healthy and Easy to Make

Do you need more easy dinner ideas? Keep reading. This recipe is designed for you to cook as little as possible, but at the same time, it is a rich and healthy recipe. It will take a little more time, but the oven does almost all the work.

Choose the vegetables that you like, onion, red and green pepper, zucchini, carrot. Once you have decided, put the oven to preheat about 180 degrees and you can start with the vegetables.

Clean and chop the peppers, cut them in half, remove the zucchini skin and cut it into strips. Next, split the onion and peel and chop the carrot. Put all the vegetables in aluminum foil with a splash of oil and salt. Seal it well, closing the paper.

Do the same with the potato. Wrap it in aluminum foil and put it on the baking tray with the other vegetables. Put everything in the oven and leave it for 20 minutes. When you are ready, look at the potato because it will be what it will later and if it is hard, leave it a little longer. In about 30 minutes you will have some very tasty grilled vegetables for your dinner.

4- Pasta with Mushrooms and Prawns: To Suck your Fingers

To finish, we thought of a pasta dish. No need to make a lot of pasta since this dish is intended for dinner, you can make this recipe in no time.

Easy dinner Ideas
Pasta with Mushrooms and Prawns

The first thing to do is put water to boil and when it is boiling take the pasta you want to cook. While preparing the pasta, put a pan with a little oil, sauté the prawns. Next, open a can of mushrooms and drain them well, then add them to the pan next to the prawns.

When the pasta is ready, drain it and pour it into the pan next to the prawns and mushrooms. You can season them with a little pepper to give them more flavors.

In about 20 minutes you have another quick and easy to prepare dinner idea that will please everyone.

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