Diabetic Recipes – What To Serve Diabetics For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Diabetic Recipes

How do you find tasty, organic and healthy foods that diabetics can enjoy? Diabetics are sugar-sensitive and you must pick out ingredients that are low in sugar content, but also high in good proteins and minerals that benefit diabetes that is consuming them. This guide focuses on diabetic recipes that are easy to cook, tasty and feature the healthiest ingredients in the world. You’ll be able to make world-class meals that diabetics can consume with ease, and these are perfect no matter the type of diabetes: I, II or gestational.

Diabetic Recipes
Diabetic Recipes

If you suffer from diabetes and think you’re only limited to a select few boring foods, this guide on diabetic recipes might surprise you.

The Good News                                                                                                    

Diabetics can consume potatoes, veggies, potatoes, meat, and fish the same as other people – the difference is that you have to know which ones can inflame your condition, and which one your body won’t have problems consuming. The ingredients and recipes on this guide can help you make healthy meals which not only improve your blood sugar levels but also help you become fitter and more in shape. They will help you improve your health and feel better about yourself, as well as being tasty in the process.

Diabetic Recipes Are Not Different!

The important thing to note is that there aren’t many “diabetic recipes” that only diabetics can consume – In practice, you’ll notice most diabetic recipes are for the same food all other healthy people eat. You’ll find these recipes and ingredients are common, but the difference is that you should incorporate them into your diet on a daily basis because they’re good for you. We’ll distill the exact proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and beverages you need to consume to make your body function at peak/optimal levels.

Do Calories Matter?

Calories are less important than ingredients (because the quantity is not as important as the ingredients that can spike your blood sugar) but most diabetic recipes we feature below are low-calorie, with each serving containing a few hundred calories. If you’re diabetic and an athlete, you should consider hiring a nutritionist who will help you determine the exact ingredient/calorie combination you need to perform at optimal levels without jeopardizing your health.

What Are The Best Diabetic Recipes?

We split these based on the time of day because we believe there are separate ingredients a diabetic should be consuming throughout the day, to maximize their health benefits and even out blood sugar levels. If we assume there are 3 key meals in the day (with snacks in between), these are the diabetic recipes/ingredients you should consume throughout the entire day:


Whole Grain Bread
Whole Grain Bread
  • Whole wheat bread. If you want to eat bread, make sure it’s whole wheat.
  • Eggs, especially egg whites. You can remove the egg whites and eat the eggs boiled or make the egg whites in a frying pan.
  • Oatmeal. The general gist is that fiber-rich foods are the perfect morning food for diabetics because they don’t spike blood sugar levels and they’re easy to consume for the stomach.


Diabetic Recipes – Chicken Salad

  • Chicken Salad. This is the tastiest lunch option because it’s fully organic and who doesn’t love chicken? Yummy.
  • Tuna/baked fish. Tuna goes easy on your stomach and it’s perfect as a lunch food. You can also bake fish such as salmon, for maximum nutritional benefits.
  • Kidney Beans. If you have to eat beans, make sure they’re kidney beans because they go easy on the stomach.
  • Turkey/grilled chicken. The best choice for meat is to eat either grilled chicken or turkey. Avoid pork because it’s not recommended for diabetics.

What Are Snacks For Diabetics?

Diabetics should consider stocking up on apples and oranges between meal breaks – these are the best snacks for diabetics, and they’re also the best dinner food.

Orange Snacks
Orange Snacks

Can Diabetics Eat Spicy Food?

Yes, but you have to be careful with the spice you consume – garlic is usually the best ingredient for spicing meals (it can even lower the blood-sugar levels) but also cinnamon is acceptable for diabetics.

Any Other Tips?

When you consume carbs, make sure they’re whole-grain and not refined grains – there’s a big difference for diabetics. Want to eat bread? Fine, but make sure the label says “whole grain” before you consume it. This can have major repercussions on your blood sugar levels. Grains are the key carbohydrate and if your diet consists of 50% carbs and 25-25% proteins/fats, you have to be really careful about the carbs you consume. Diabetics need whole grains. Make sure you eat regularly and that your snacks are veggies that are fat-free.

The fact that calories are not as important as ingredients is the biggest distinction here – most people who are in perfect health condition put an emphasis on calories because high calories add weight. The difference here is that you should only consume the ingredients in this guide, irrespective of how many calories they have.

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