Coconut Water Calories – How To Add To Your Nutrition

coconut water calories

Coconut drinks are known to have some awesome energizing effects. People love to have coconut drinks during summers. There have been many canned varieties of coconut drinks that help people to have a refreshing effect. But the natural coconut water has a lot of benefits. Ever wondered about Coconut Water Calories? Well, yes coconut is known to be a safe drink. It is known to have up to sixty calories per cup of coconut water. The lower calorific value with the addition of some healthy nutritional value makes coconut water the most amazing drink to have. Below are some of the nutritional, health benefits, and hydrating facts of coconut water. 

Coconut Water Nutrition 

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Apart from having a low calorific value, coconut water is rich in having great nutrients. The nutritional facts about coconut water show that it has a high nutritional value. Coconut water is rich in some elements like calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. 

Coconut water is rich in some good amino acids like arginine, alanine, cysteine, serine. Hence, Coconut Water Calories is a perfect choice for tissue rebuilding or repairing or healing of tissues. These amino acids highly help to avoid muscle stress and fatigue. Coconut water is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to be highly helpful for the body. Along with the lower Coconut Water Calories, there have been many cytokinins present in coconut water which highly helps to fight cancer-causing agents. 

Health Benefits

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There have been enormous health benefits to consuming coconut water. Coconut water can be super healthy for changing your daily lifestyle. Coconut water is the most recommended drink by physicians after doing a rigorous workout. Apart from the known Coconut Water Calories, consuming coconut water can even help people to have a clear stomach. It helps in having a good digestive system. Coconut water also helps to purify the skin. 

The most known benefit of coconut water is its application on the face after suffering from measle, rubella, or chickenpox. The spots get quickly healed when coconut water is applied. Coconut water also helps to lower down blood pressure levels. It also helps in avoiding heart stroke. Coconut water is all healthy and can prove to be a great alternative for unhealthy soft drinks. Consuming Coconut Water Calories can also help in having natural anti-aging properties in the skin. 

Is Coconut Water Hydrating?

Coconut water is highly hydrating and hence is the best-preferred drink for summers. The presence of antioxidants in it helps the Coconut Water Calories to be a great refreshing and energizing drink. Coconut water is super hydrating. It must be worth noticing the fact that coconut milk and coconut water are entirely different. The natural freshly cut coconut water can be the most beneficial drink to ever have. Besides the low Coconut Water Calories, coconut water even has low but natural sugar content which makes it a better option to choose rather than going for artificially canned drinks. 


Hence, all the facts do prove that coconut water is healthy and delicious. Having a glass of coconut water every morning can help the body to remain fit and healthy. It also helps to avoid any stomach problems. Coconut water can be a great choice for kids to have to make the immune system much stronger. Hence, having a cup or glass of coconut water would do a lot of good and no harm. 

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