Cedar Plank Salmon And The Benefits of Having A Kitchen Fish Like This

cedar plank salmon recipe

If you are looking for a cedar plank salmon recipe, you will not be disappointed with the result. Salmon is a delicacy that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, but these fatty acids are low in fats. Therefore, this makes it a great food for people who are on a diet. If you eat any type of fatty fish that has a lot of fat, such as steak, you are setting yourself up for an unhealthful meal. When you make salmon with cedar plank salmon, you are providing your body with the nutrition that it needs to be a healthy, balanced meal.

Type of Wood

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One reason why cedar plank salmon is better for you than other types of salmon is because of the type of wood it is made out of. Spruce wood is the most common type of wood that is used to make salmon. However, cedar plank salmon can be found in many different kinds of wood throughout the world.

Earthy Flavor

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The great thing about cedar plank salmon is that it has an earthy flavor. It does not have the intense flavors that you get from some other fish types. This allows people who do not like the strong flavors of certain fish to enjoy this type of fish. You can make cedar plank salmon using other types of seafood, such as cod. However, it is best to use cedar salmon with other types of seafood because of the natural flavor. Cod may be delicious, but it lacks the natural flavor that cedar plank salmon has.

Easy To Cook

Cedar Salmon fish is also easy to cook. You can fry it in butter over medium heat or cook it in some oil. You can also boil it or steam it if you would like to. This type of salmon is best eaten right off of the grill. It will not stay fresh for very long, but it will taste amazing when it is just a couple of days old.

Addition To Your Picnic Basket

Finally, cedar plank salmon makes a great addition to your picnic basket. There are so many recipes that call for cedar plank salmon that it will not be hard to fill your picnic basket with them. There are also several different varieties that can be served. The more fatty pieces you have, the healthier they will be for you. This is also a great way to save money at the park!


There are a lot of benefits to owning a cedar plank salmon fish. Not only will you enjoy the taste, but you will also find that they are very affordable. No matter where you buy them, you will save money over other types and enjoy a better meal than you would with any other type of salmon fish.

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