Blackened Salmon Recipe Ingredients

blackened salmon recipe

If you love to cook want to try new recipe that you can try, then look no further. Blackened salmon is certainly a very tasty style of cooking even if it does call for some extra attention to your kitchen. This method is usually done over high heat on the stovetop with oil. But, for those that are looking for a healthier recipe, the recipe being discussed is with either avocado oil or another hot cooking oil. That way, you can use less oil and save fat.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at how to make a delicious homemade blackened seasoning for salads. If you want to make it healthier for you, it’s always better to use lower fat ingredients. Avocado is a very good fat that you can use, but there are many other great options as well. Here you can look at some delicious options for using fats for preparing a delicious homemade blackened salmon recipe.

Preparing A Recipe For Blackened Salmon Can Be A Bit Challenging

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Using skin-on fish is one way to help reduce the amount of fat that you need to use. The idea is to go with skin-on fish that is still moist. This will help reduce the overall fat content that you’re putting into your recipe. In general, the rule is to use skin-on fish whenever possible because this helps you keep the nutrients more intact.

Preparing a recipe for blackened salmon can be a little bit of a challenge because of the amount of vegetables that you need to include with it. You can easily create salads by putting romaine lettuce on the bottom half of the plate and grilling the fish with a little bit of oil. Then, on top of that, add three to four ounces of the vegetable of your choice, and any herbs or seasonings that you wish to include. Serve this salad immediately after preparing it, to get the nutrients into the veggies and to make sure that they stay fresh for longer.

You Can Also Use Your Favorite Spices

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Another great thing about cooking a blackened salmon recipe using fresh vegetables is that you can use your favorite spices. Many people don’t like the natural taste of spices in their foods, so it’s always good to add a few extra spices to the recipe to help enhance the flavor. Just make sure that you start cooking the salmon early enough so that you have enough time to incorporate the extra spices into the mix. The sooner you start cooking the spices, the more pronounced they’ll be.

Some other fun things to do with a blackened salmon recipe is to make a spicy sauce with it. If you have some fennel, red pepper flakes, garlic, onions, and tomatoes on hand, you won’t have any problems finding a way to incorporate them into the recipe. Start by chopping up all of these items finely. Then add them to a pan along with a bit of olive oil or heavy cream, stir, and cover for a couple of minutes so that everything will cook thoroughly.

After you’ve placed the mixture in the pan and allowed it to heat up, you’ll want to poke holes in it with a knife so that you can drain the fish while it cooks. Remove the pierced areas from the pan and set the pan on the counter. This is where you’ll want to cook the pieces of salmon that you were prying out of the pan. Cook each piece separately until they are done.

Bottom Line

When you’re done, let the salmon cook in its own liquid. It should take about 2 hours, depending on how thin the pieces of fish are. Once it has finished cooking, your recipe should be perfect. If there are areas that you can’t cook evenly, such as parts that are burnt, simply add more of the cooking liquid to the affected portion until it is fully cooked through. If there are bits of cooked meat in your recipe that aren’t cooked properly, add some more of the cooking liquid to help thicken it up. Serve your dish with fresh vegetables and a little bit of butter sauce sprinkled on top.

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