Benefits of Salmon Avocado Roll nutrition

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One of the best combinations that make your roll recipes best is the Salmon and Avocado combo. This pairing gives the sushi roll, a classic taste that rolls over our tongue tempting us to get more and more. With mild ingredient fillings, this Salmon Avocado roll gives an excellent flavour and taste that’s needed for everyone to taste it at least once in a lifetime. Many roll recipes and sushi combos are available but Salmon Avocado roll proves to be best with its awesome and tempting test. Not only its taste, but the nutritional benefits filled in it is also more than good that makes our diet a complete one. The stuffing provides all sorts of nutrition to make our diet a balanced and fulfilled meal. If you are a sushi roll lover, then keep reading to know the recipe preparation and the complete nutritional package filled in it.

Preparation of Salmon Avocado Roll

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Before starting the preparation just take the following tips to make the recipe one of your best preparations. Consider limiting your fillings or stuffings and do not overfill them. If the filling is more you would find it difficult to seal it. Make sure you don’t forget to make the sushi rice before you begin to work with the roll.

  1. Make sure you use avocado and vinegar sprinkling to avoid the recipe from getting brown colour during the preparation process.
  2. Take bamboo sushi and place it over a flat surface to work with. The slats of the bamboo sushi should be in a horizontal position. Cover the bamboo mat with a thin and light piece of plastic wrap. And over this plastic wrap place a sheet of nori.
  3. Wet your hands in water before starting to work. Take a ¾ cup of rice and spread it over the sheet of nori. Make sure the edges are left uncovered. To prevent the rice from sticking, wet your hands and give a firm and gentle press over the sheet.
  4. In the centre of the rice filling, place small pieces of avocado end-to-end. Use avocado toppings along with the salmon pieces.
  5. Start rolling from the edge of the bamboo along the salmon line, with the mat pressing the sushi roll firmly and gently. If the edges of the nori are raw, wet your finger to wet the nori. Then continue to roll it and seal it. 
  6. Now take off the plastic wrap and separate the roll aside. Cover the roll with a damp cloth until other rolls are ready. Make rolls until all the rice stuffings are finished.
  7. Once all the rolls are ready, cut every piece into four or eight pieces according to your preferences, without disturbing the stuffings inside. To garnish the recipe you can sprinkle over it pickled ginger, wasabi or soy sauce.

Nutritional Package of the Roll

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When considering the nutritional value of the Salmon Avocado Roll is filled with lots of carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. With one Salmon Avocado Roll, you can find 33 g of Carbohydrates which is the most essential macromolecule needed for diet. Next, with 13g of proteins, a Sushi roll is best for building your body muscles and bones. Additionally, the roll contains 5g of dietary fibre which is the base of healthy and balanced functioning of the body. Also, you can find nearly 16g of fat with one Salmon Avocado roll.


Thus salmon and Avocado both seem to be blended in the Sushi roll, giving an excellent taste and texture while you eat. Preparation of the Salmon Avocado roll is also very easy and it is filled with nutritional benefits.

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