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oven salmon recipe

A quick and easy oven salmon recipe is one that not only tastes great but is healthy too. You will need; fresh salmon, some cheese, a few onions, pepper, and nutritional yeast flakes to make this recipe. Using some or all of these other ingredients will make your dish and your life much easier.

Ensure The Salmon Is Fresh

The first thing you want to do when preparing your oven salmon recipe is to make sure it is very fresh. Sometimes frozen salmon is used in cooking, but most likely, the flavor is not as good. If you want to get cooking and eating fun, try using fresh. It is more exciting food, and there are some interesting side effects to that as well.

Ingredients Required For This Salmon Recipe

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You will need; salmon, Greek yogurt sauce, pepper, onion, and salt for this delicious recipe. These items can be found at any store where you get cooking and baking supplies. These ingredients can be prepared in different ways, depending on what appeals to you. I like to prepare the salmon by throwing it onto a pot of boiling water while I am standing in the back reading a book. Then I let it simmer for about ten minutes or so, depending on how it is cooked.

For this delicious recipe, you will also need; one tablespoon of olive oil, some sage leaves, one teaspoon of dried thyme, one and a half cups of low-fat milk, one and a half cups of red wine vinegar, and a quarter teaspoon of ground black pepper. To make ready-to-eat ingredients, mix the following ingredients: four cups of low-fat milk, three tablespoons of dried thyme, four ounces of fish, one and a half cups of olive oil, and one teaspoon dried thyme. Then take your wooden or cedar board and bring to a boil over medium heat.

The Second Method For Cooking This Salmon Recipe

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Another way to prepare this delicious oven salmon flavor is to cook the salmon in a cedar plank oven. What you do is boil some water and cut some salmon into thin strips. You then tear off the skin, which is usually the thicker part. Put the pieces on a cedar board or a wooden board, season them, and pop into the oven at the suggested temperature.

When the salmon has finished cooking, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. Once the pieces have cooled sufficiently, you can carve them into your desired shape, such as fish sticks, roasting strips, or fillets. Place the pieces on buns, cover with foil, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, baking fish for a meal can be incredibly simple yet delicious and unique. Try making this recipe today. You will not be disappointed. You must pay close attention to the ingredients and ensure that you have them in the kitchen before you start. 

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