A Cheap But Delicious Diabetic Lunch Recipe

diabetic lunch recipe

Diabetic Lunch Recipes can be tasty and nutritious. The trick is to choose foods that are not only easy to make but also easy to digest. I enjoy using quinoa for my diabetic lunchtime meals because it’s a little sweeter than rice, and it contains the same nutrients and vitamins. Here’s what you need to mix everything together:

First, in order to make a delicious diabetic lunch recipe, you’ll need a favorite plant-based recipe, quinoa asparagus flavored salad. The best one I’ve had is made using roasted, thinly sliced zucchini. You can grate one thin slice of zucchini and mash it until it’s about the same consistency as rice. Then, add a handful of chopped, thinly sliced zucchini and a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Spread out the softened zucchini on the bottom of a large pan and add a layer of un-roasted, finely chopped, unpeated nuts (like walnuts or cashews) on top. If desired, you can bake this in the oven for about an hour and serve with crackers and a bit of tomato sauce to dip into.

Diabetic Lunch Recipe

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Second, in order to make a delicious diabetic lunch or dinner, you will need to mix everything together. You can do this with a traditional pancake mix. However, I would suggest using Quinoa instead. In fact, I like to use Quinoa pancake mix because it’s thick and somewhat chunky, and it holds its shape much better than the regular pancake mix. It’s also easier to mix everything with this mix.

Next, I would recommend that you take a medium-sized sized package of instant noodles. I prefer the flavor of Quinoa in mine, so I choose Long Island Style Quinoa. Now, I would start your day with a bowl of the Quinoa Meal along with some apple slices, celery stalks, and/or carrot sticks. This makes a delicious snack. Just remember that eating a serving of fruit daily is essential to offset the amount of sugar in your bloodstream as you work to control your diabetes.

For the second item of the lunch or dinner, I would add cooked, chopped onions and a cup of skim milk. Now, to add the final touches, I would use a teaspoon of grounded pepper and sprinkle it onto the top of the quinoa pancake. I love to do this because I think it adds a nice touch to the meal and doesn’t have to be too overpowering.

Things To Consider

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For my third item, I would be adding finely chopped, loosely packed red onions to a cup of half or whole milk. I find that this combination works well, especially if I add a dash of paprika and pepper to it. Then, I would drizzle it over with olive oil and sprinkle it with freshly ground black pepper. Add salt to taste, and you have a mouth-watering dish that is both tasty and healthy!

For my fourth item, I would be making a delicious chicken salad. I would simply mix everything together and decide at the end of the day what I want to eat. For example, today, I decided to add some sliced portabella mushrooms and chopped onions to my homemade chicken salad. In addition, I threw in a cup of croutons and red onions. I know that this is much healthier than any processed, pre-made chicken salad that you could buy at the store, but I still felt good that I was creating something pretty good on my own.

Bottom Line

So, this was my first attempt at creating a delicious and healthy lunch for Diabetics using fresh ingredients from my garden. The final result was a satisfying and tasty dinner that went over well with all of my family. If you are looking for a great recipe for chicken or asparagus salad, you can check out this site for some good advice and tips on how to make your favorite vegetable into a tasty and nutritious dinner. This was just one of many ways that I was able to better manage my diabetes when cooking for my husband.

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