7 Smoked Salmon Recipes You Should Try At Home

Smoked Salmon Recipes

Being an excellent source of proteins, B vitamins, vitamin D, and magnesium, salmon is good food that you should add in your diet to stay healthy and fit. It can lower the risk of heart diseases as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Here are some of the smoked salmon recipes that can add up to your diet as these are very healthy as well as tasty. You can also easily try them at home. Let’s have a look:

Crepes With Smoked Salmon And Red Onion

This could be an amazing recipe for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner or can make a starter for your get together or parties. It is an easy dish that can be prepared by whipping batter on the light crepes sheets topped with smoked salmon and red onions. You can add more fish to have a more luxurious taste.

Smoked Salmon Recipes To Try
Smoked Salmon Recipes To Try

Smoked Salmon Recipes With Scrambled Eggs

This is one of the delicious smoked salmon recipes that can be made with lesser efforts. The simple scrambled eggs make a delicate combination with the smoked salmon. All you have to do is just cook the eggs until they dry and mix well with the smoked salmon. If you want to make your brunch extra elegant then you can go for keeping fruit-filled dainties. This will make your smoked salmon with scrambled eggs more delicious.

Smoked Salmon Recipes With Stuffed Potatoes

 This is an easy and delicious dish that you can try for your dinner. All you need to do is stuff the twice-baked potatoes with the addictive combination of cream cheese, mustard, dill, and the smoked salmon. This will give you a luscious experience.

Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich

This is an amazing dish which is a combination of bold British Columbian flavor stuffed between the buns. Smoked salmon, mustard, and the spicy mayo are layered between the buns which give a mouthwatering western and Asian taste.

Pacific Waffle Sandwich

Some experts declare that this sandwich can beat all the other sandwiches just because of its classy and incredible taste. This is a combination of the unique dill waffles which are filled with goat cheese, yummy avocado mayo, red onions, smoked salmon, and fried eggs. You can try this at home and can also put a dish on the menu of a party or such events like family gatherings etc.

Smoked Salmon Recipes For Burgers

A simple yet delicious dish to have, this salmon recipe is so simple to prepare and has a delicious taste. Capers, dills, and lemon juice are tossed along with the smoked salmons to get a simple but delicious food to have which also kills your hunger faster.

Must-Try Smoked Salmon Recipes
Must-Try Smoked Salmon Recipes

Creamy Dill Sauce And Smoked Salmons

You can go for this inventive recipe and can make any surprise as this is an inventive kind of dish. This has the sour taste of dill sauce and the toothsome smoked salmons. It will give a combination of a savory crepe with sour and tasty creamy dill sauce that will perfectly go with the smoked salmons.


Salmon is a delicate fish but several delicious recipes can be prepared. You can try the above-discussed recipes and enjoy your lunch or dinner.

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