6 Facts About Guava You Must Know

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Guava fruit is a tropical fruit that originates from Central and South America. Guavas are typically eaten raw, but guavas can also be made into guava juice or guava jam. Today we will explore six facts about guavas you must know.

1. Guava fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins

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Guavas are packed with Vitamin A, potassium, and calcium as well as folate and vitamin C. In addition, guavas contain many healthy antioxidants such as Vitamin C and lycopene. Research has found that lycopene may help fight against cancer, heart disease, and other harmful diseases that attack the body.

Guavas are said to promote healthy eyes, teeth and bones. It is believed that eating guava fruit may help fight against glaucoma and osteoporosis because of its high nutrient content. Furthermore, it has been said that consuming guava helps relieve symptoms of menopause due to its high content of estrogenic properties. However, these claims are still under research and have not been approved by the FDA as of yet.

2. Guava fruit can be used to make wine

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If you’re feeling adventurous, then why not try making your own guava wine at home? Wine-making is not difficult; all you need is a bottle of wine, a package of guava fruit, and a little yeast.

3. The size of a guava fruit varies

Guavas can vary in shape, color, and intensity depending on the selection. The typical guava fruit is between two to four inches wide and can be found in different colors from green to yellow to pinkish. Some guava fruit can be up to eight inches wide.

4. Guava trees are tropical plants

Guavas grow best in warm climates near the equator because they require lots of sunlight and warmth to produce ripe, juicy fruits for harvest. It is unlikely that you will find guavas growing in your garden unless you live in a tropical or subtropical climate.

5. Guava plants are the state tree of Hawaii

You may be surprised to learn that Hawaii is one of the world’s largest guava exporters. The majority of Hawaiian guavas are exported to Japan, but some are also shipped to other parts of Asia and California as well.

6. Guava trees are fast-growing

Guava trees are fast-growing, making them a popular choice for home gardeners. Guava trees produce fruit in just two years or less and can grow up to 13 feet high. What’s more, guavas have the potential to live for 20 years or more! However, they do need regular watering and protection against frost.

If you want some guavas of your own but don’t have space for a tree in your yard or on your patio, consider planting them in containers that can be moved indoors during cold months. Guava plants are hardy enough to handle container gardening year-round. And if you live somewhere with mild winters like Florida or Hawaii where guavas would grow all year long, you can still benefit from growing them in containers.

Just remember that whatever type of container you choose, guavas don’t grow well in big pots. One plant per pot is ideal for good airflow and plenty of room to grow.

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