5 Best Healthy Lunch Recipes Veg That You Will Enjoy

Lunch Recipes Veg

No doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day but neglecting lunch is also a very bad idea. If you are going to have a day with loads of work then only breakfast will not help you out. You will surely need some healthy as well as delicious food for lunch. But if you are not wishing to have meat in your lunch, and then here are some easy and healthier lunch recipes veg that you can try. You don’t have to spend your entire morning to prepare them. These are quick and healthy lunch recipes that will make your lunch a perfect one without adding meat to it.

Delicious Lunch Recipes Veg
Delicious Lunch Recipes Veg

Chickpea Salad Sandwich – Delicious Lunch Recipes Veg

You can call this as the vegetarian version of the chicken salad sandwich as it is prepared using chickpea. It is an easy dish that you can prepare for lunch. Its mixture is contains smashed chickpeas, a bit of mayo, green onions, celery, and lemon juice and then this mixture is spread on the bread. The chickpea sandwich gets ready in less than 10 minutes. You can serve it as a salad also. A healthy and ready to eat veg lunch recipe is prepared for you.

Mexican Pinwheels  

The Mexican pinwheels are a very easy option for the lunch or even dinner too. It is a healthier dish which could be prepared as fast as possible. These Mexican pinwheels are packed with healthy veggies like spinach, black beans, and bell papers and then these veggies are mixed with Mexican spices rolled in a tortilla with a little bit of hummus. You can also dip it into salsa for a better experience. It will work as the perfect lunch recipe.

Tomato Dips With Grilled Bread

This is a healthy dish that is prepared with almonds and tomatoesYou can serve this dip with crackers to make a delicious and healthy lunch. A combination of veggies, cheese, and crackers, dry fruits, etc. it is a perfect component for lunch. You can try this at your home and get an amazing experience.

Tangy Veggie Wrap – Must-Try Lunch Recipes Veg

This could be an option of the healthier and mouth-watering recipe for lunch as well as picnics, office, parties, etc. The tangy veggie wrap is a refreshing dish that is filled with veggies and tangy spices which make it an ideal recipe to have in lunch. It is easy to cook and healthy for the body so it is not a bad idea to have this in your lunch.

Must-Try Lunch Recipes Veg
Must-Try Lunch Recipes Veg

Mint Rice

If you want to have rice in your lunch then this recipe is going to fulfill your needs very nicely. The mint rice can be said as the perfect dish in simplicity, taste, and aroma. It could be served with normal curd and it will give you an excellent taste. Mint is a cooling agent and having it with curd in the day time will surely refresh you. Mint is also used as a flavoring agent in many dishes but here it is the main component of the dish which is going to give you an unforgettable taste.


If you are becoming a vegetarian, there is no need to worry as there are several delicious recipes that you can try. Most of these are very easy to make.

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